The Weaker Sex

Once a month she has menopause
But, she still works and does not stop or pause,
She takes care of her home and enjoys the outdoors
And during her day she does a hundred more chores.

She'll go to her job for her long 8 hour shifts
In the mill she'll work, and in the gym she trains and lifts,
She's comfortable in work boots or in her high heeled shoes
And sometimes in tennies she'll chase down the news.

She alone carries a child and then she gives birth
But, never is she treated or given her true worth,
She's a doctor and a cook and negotiator all combined
And of course she has a very keen mind,

She takes care of everyone when they lay sick
She doesn't get offended when you call her a chick,
Around the park she likes to hike and run
Which she does it for an adventure, and also for fun.

She goes to the gym just to exercise
Just to stay in shape and not to win first prize,
She looks into a mirror where many men will pose and flex
I look and I think, "How dare we call woman the weaker sex".

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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