The Weakest Link

This life as you know it, clinging onto my shoulders,
A burden so heavy, I have to carry,
Little pebbles have grown into boulders,
I miss the times I could depend on daddy

So many I have to question,
who dares to answer them? ,
swiftly without intervention,
They say time will heal, but when?

I am what I am, what should I be? ,
My spirit fled and took the road,
My eyes are blinded, can't you see?
It's time to lay down on the road, squash me like a toad

Coz I'm looking at my path, where should I go?
Tricksy roads always find my way,
Shaping me like a piece of dough,
Standing at the point of no return, no more to say

All be over in a blink of an eye,
I'm the weakest link, Goodbye

by Helgard du Preez

Comments (1)

I was kinda confused in the beginning but I like the ending of the poem it made me smile.