The Weakness In Me.

Poem By Paul Ekow O.Nkensen

The weakness in me!
I woke up today, i did'nt like it the moment my eyes opend
and felt i was tired again just after rest
it had'nt been the 1st tym. It's the weakness in me,

again i felt a light of strength,
glowing inside me to move on, by his grace.
As an imperfect being i always fall-short without knowing.It's the weakness in me,

he had tought me de only way out, in this last days, that, to put his kingdom first in every thing i do,
and that i have faith my story will end well,
from the begining makinds age,
good living and land's power of bearing good food have been reduced till this day,
this has accounted to de weakness in me.

As a rightful sovereign, he will destroy the god of dis system of things,
satan the devil who has enslaved man to sin and imperfection! ....
To Abraham's fleshly seed, the nation of Israel,
GOD once said: 'All these blessings set out in the law covenat,
must come upon you and overtake you,
b'cos you keep listening to the voice of Jehovah your God'(deut.28: 2)
May we also keep listening and empowered to overcome our weaknesess.... and at the long run see the light at the end of the tunnel! .... in paradise.
I'll keep fighting this weakness in me.

Comments about The Weakness In Me.

good poem............. u have shown the darkness of weakness n also lighted a ray of hope to over come..
Great poem, we have to fight weakness we have until the end of time. I invite you to read my poem titled The Rebirth.

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