It's Winter Again

The falling clouds
the rising boughs
of winters snow
in winds that blow

a single flake
a frosty leaf
upon my nose
beneath my feet

a mournful sighing
a hearty crackle
whisked in my ears
all round me near

a misty cloak
a sharp cold bite
draped round my neck
upon my face

a frosty kiss
an icy sting
from old Jack Frost
and cold North Wind

My lips are blue
It's winter again

by Elizabeth Shield

Comments (6)

This poem reminds me, not of my grandmother, but of another lady in my small town when I was a child. Well written, and congratulations for having it selected as poem of the day for January 18 for the third time now!
thoughts about values
herskin, all the way down, to the transparent, genes confessing. nice
this is amazing! seriously perceptive it has everything imagination of a child wrapped in an adult understanding, it shows depth pain and most emotions i could see so clearly i loved its raw honesty a beautiful piece, OUTSTANDING i love it!
Very nice (I liked yr Market piece, too) I just joined this wordy club, and to be honest, yours seems a rarer quality Thanx and Keep on
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