A Boy Laughs In The Rain

A boy laughs in the rain
How I envy him!
He is free and he is
Uncorrupted by the world
The birds flap their wings
And compose a rousing
Melody to honor the beauty
Of his youthful charm
A boy laughs in the rain
Because he has found his
Mother and out of the
Caricature she has turned
Herself into he made her
A model parent in his own
Free wheeling child' spirit
And he wants to enjoy the
Fruits of his newfound
Freedom like the
Boys on the skateboards
Like the foreigners who
Know more than his
Teachers about his country
Like the mysterious mister
Mannenberg the collector
Of stones and rocks
A boy laughs in the rain
Because his father has tired
Of his wanderings in the low
Lifes of wherever and he
Takes his parents by the
Hand and he offers
Himself to be sacrificed
As the symbol of their
Reconciliation and he
Is free to go to the playgrounds
Of the world and claim
His freedom like Mamele
The ever smiling whale crier
Like the widower who boasts
About the achievements of
His son although the naughty
Who know will tell you with a
Mischivious glint in their eyes
That all that is a day dream
Like the workers who miss
The women they met in every
City in the country
A boy laughs because the
The rainclouds have vanished
And the birds who welcome
The summer share his mirth
And nature shows the world
Her clean pair of hands and
Faults the birds and the child not

by Pheko Motaung

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