Poem Hunter
The Weatherman
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

The Weatherman

Have you ever seen a twister?
It peeled my skin into a blister
An unpleasant bristle through my hair
Shaking my inner city, into despair

Curiously circling my trust
Using the most Emphatic thrust
Nature has turned its back on me
Darkness rules, I’m blinded, see?

My interior was void and deflowered
Mother Nature clawed me in, I was overpowered
No sense of an odorous sweet fragrance
The elements insistently blowing me negligence

Only then I discovered, peace lies inside the most rigorous twister
Diligently I worked my Lister
Tardily my wound seemed to heal
Never again will I be nature’s meal

Reborn in a new nature
Where the clouds are blushing by the breeze’s gesture
Where the sun is always shining
And the angels dance on the soft cotton lining

Even in the blackest sky the half moon’s smiling
Crickets singing songs of jubilance
Crashing waves skipping a heart beat’s binding
At last I found “You”, the reason of my exuberance

My God and my “Weatherman”

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Rudyard Kipling


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