SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

The Wedding Night

It is gala night full of pleasure
Rich in memories that last forever

My bride carries a bouquet of flowers
She is dressed in gown full of glitter

We walk together side by side
So happy and full of pleasure

There are lots of family and guests
All celebrating this special occasion.

The dance hall is beautifully decorated
There are colorful lights flashing

The musical band is fabulous entertaining
I and my bride exchange loving glances

We turn around joining hands
and start romantically dancing

Soon the happy crowds join the floor
Turning, swinging and having a blast

The music is loud and cheerful
Nostalgic songs with fast beat

The party reaches top mid-night
We hop in a limousine and depart

Everybody enjoyed the festivities
Rich in memories and happy times

The bells of happiness
chime and ring melodically

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The poet has nicely put across the enchanting wedding party scene where every one including the bride and groom enjoy music, song and dance as part of the romantic celebration and festivity. Thanks.