The Wedding

O marriage-bells, your clamor tells
Two weddings in one breath.
SHE marries whom her love compels:
-- And I wed Goodman Death!
My brain is blank, my tears are red;
Listen, O God: -- "I will," he said: --
And I would that I were dead.
Come groomsman Grief and bridesmaid Pain
Come and stand with a ghastly twain.
My Bridegroom Death is come o'er the meres
To wed a bride with bloody tears.
Ring, ring, O bells, full merrily:
Life-bells to her, death-bells to me:
O Death, I am true wife to thee!

by Sidney Lanier

Comments (36)

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A desperate lover's clamor!
A vivid picture of the emotions at the wedding. Well scripted.
the men who loves to girl but she decided that married other men therefor you have to praying god until death it might be explained from this poem
A good sonnet with a good rhyme scheme SYLVA-ONYEMA UBA
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