DS (August 4 / Florida)

.the Weeder

She came out to tend her
Sweetly poetic garden
When I close my eyes
I find they each strayed

Into my so hungry heart
At sunrise they endeared
Their golden bows and ties
Along those one hundred

Thirty three lines and rows
Some arranged in lines of
Five, then seven and five
Again, her personal

Sacred space, a haiku
Apostololic history
With truest natural
Leanings, linear love feasts

Then, were those half dozen
Or so double lined
Groupings each nestled
Two by two, holding hands

A romance linked in
A never-ending embrace
Couples that destiny sent
For vine-d passion-d

Tasty fruits that sing in
Harmony’s sweetest daily
Verse, all in the key of
Alleluia for Him

(A Bright New Day, Tennessee
December 26,2006)

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A beautiful penning, my dear...Imagework & creative elocution spins this web so well...Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Debora... F.J.R.