The Weeds Or The Wheat

When all of creation, for eternity, bow at The Lord's feet,
Will you be separated and gathered with the weeds or the wheat?

Those who believe and are saved, whom The Lord calls the wheat,
Will humbly and thankfully cast all their reward at His feet.

While all of those who continued in their own willful deeds,
The Lord will separate from the wheat and mark them as weeds.

While the weeds, who were deceived by the evil one into unbelief,
Will suffer for their choice throughout all eternity with no relief.

The wheat will be gathered by The Lord and brought into His barn,
Taken to their home in Heaven where they will face no more harm.

However, all of the weeds will be bundled and tossed into the fire,
Cast into eternal darkness, although this is not The Lord's desire.

The Lord's will is not eternal damnation for any man or nation,
But that all men will truly believe and accept His gift of Salvation.

The patience of The Lord is truly a mystery and something to cherish,
For in His unparalleled love for the world He wants no one to perish.

As people in the world, that He created, truly get colder and colder,
Christians He set apart for a purpose should get bolder and bolder.

The Christian's boldness should be filled with His eternal desire,
To share The Good News with all and so snatch them from the fire.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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