The Weeping Fish Orchestra

I once awoke into a dream
And there I saw a sight.
Adrift, a draft of Daffodils
Breezed on a hard day's night.

Still looking up and at the sky,
A Dandelions nest,
Shone down like rays of Buttercups
Alighting up my vest.

"Hello, " I bellied up to it.
And smiling like a wave,
Hoped hoping as I climbed inside
That it was well behaved.

Abound with hobnail boot astride
It turned and travelled on-
Until it reached another place
Where I had not come from.

"It's like a well know strangers face, "
I mused in thoughtish utter.
The one my Fatter used to wear
Before he ground my Mutta.

Then leaping like a jumping bean,
I landed open eyed,
And spied a sandy cobbled shore
where nothing did reside.

"How long, " I said, "have you been here? "
And in a mock reply,
It answered with a knowing look,
Then flew off on a pie.

Alone, I sat beside myself,
For company of course,
And listened while I hummed a song
In tones that made me hoarse.

And then, I swear, as fast as fast,
Beneath a sea of hands,
An orchestra of weeping fish
Grab grabbed me from the sands.

They sat me on a flying Whale
That soared beneath the sea,
And took me home to where he lived
To make us both some tea.

"Oh, what a lovely Plaice you have, "
I told him over grubber,
And with that, getting on all fours
He let me pull his udder.

"Please don't do that! " A Fishcake cried,
"You don't know where he's from."
But having learned this lessen once
I noticed I had gone.

by Wayne Riley

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