The Weeping Moon

Witnessing the blood baths, the massacre
Of God’s people, children’s bodies everywhere,
And octogenarians expire slowly and quietly in horror.
The undistorted and the vivid images of terror,

by Hebert Logerie Click to read full poem

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I agree with the logic of your words. I wonder if God is watching? Murdered children, hungry children and homeless people. Powerful words shared.
You have well depicted the ghastly realities of war and terrorism. I liked your use of words that gives a vivid image. A powerful poem.
Your diction is impeccable! ! You are surely inspiring me as I'm a young Haitian writer in the making💯💯😊😊 You're awesome! ! Keep writing
The ugly state of world affairs - man inhumanity to man, is insightfully captured in the poem. Profound piece of poetry with clarion call for universal brotherhood of man. Lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing Hebert.
Truly, terrorism and violent activities are ruining our existence on earth and we, humans, with the power of wisdom, claiming superiority over the animal kingdom act as inferior animals.
Long poem yet interesting...thank you and congratulation to you
Pregnant women, their babies shredded By the wrecked fires of the big guns. Really globe should come out soon from such ism called terrorism....White or Black, state-sponsored or organised by hate to state-machinery. Terrorism should immediately be graved by any doctrine of cultivating love-power placing at its alter. High time to save civilization.
if the moon is weeping surely the earth is getting angry
A moving work. Well done.
Thanks for sharing your poem it is very powerful I enjoyed this.
Not even the poet's lament and descriptive words and accusations can tame the savage beast that lives hidden in man's inhuman breast.Man's inhumanity to Man, Robert Burns However, as poets, we must try, and for every human injustice put out a cry. Thank you, Hebert Logerie.
sad situation! but what right do these peace keeping countries have to go to the foreign lands with their big machines and technology to destroy their homes, men, women and children. Our men, from both sides, don't have to sacrifice their life, we want them to be safe. Individualistic act of hurting is called as terrorism, what shall we call this atrocity of mass killing in the name of war? Yes, their crescent moon weeps, our full moon weeps, someone's new moon weeps too.10+++
I think we know that war is terrible. Write something original
I wanna thank you for the obvious picture u presented inhere that described how cruel is the world we live in from past time till now more beasts are created to humiliate people with no mercy at all, with no discrimination between children, women or man... I am as Iraqi suffered this unhuman war and compassioned with all the people who suffered the same war of Big Guns like u described War can never bring PEACE to human kind War is death, horror, blood, aglines, evil.............. my tongue is stuck thanks to you Regards
Very good my friend. The weeping moon is filled with imagery. This is what poetry is about.
wonderful poem) i like it
The reality expressed here should be placed before the leaders of nations everyday - too often disengaged from the horrors of war! A forceful journey of truth without the spin and glory attached. Excellent write. Thank You.
thank you for vividly expressing and critically critisizing the evils of the day. The evils of WAR.
I love how you describe everything in this poem, it really makes you feel
Thanks for sharing your poem it is very powerful I enjoyed this.