The Weeping Moon

Witnessing the blood baths, the massacre
Of God’s people, children’s bodies everywhere,
And octogenarians expire slowly and quietly in horror.
The undistorted and the vivid images of terror,

by Hebert Logerie Click to read full poem

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i can imagine it... wow.. very precious... i like it.. keep writing ya.. :)
deep and remarkable thinking.....
Very precious and descriptive poem. Infact I liked each and every word of it. Thanks for sharing it.10/10
Nice try. Very nice imagery. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
Great work, excellent write,10
this poem gives me goosebumps when i read it... beautifully written.. thanks for sharing..
Reality in true sense....Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing. This is very descriptive and expressive of the world today and the abominable injustices the we, mankind, have done to the beauty of creation that God in heaven created for us to enjoy in peace, harmony, unity and love. Not only does the moon weep but also everything else God created. Powerful. Thanks again for sharing and many blessings to you
Great Work I love the Imagery :)
this poem is very powerful in the sense that it gives the reader a perspective view of what really happens in wars.....great
The moon weeps at the sight of shattered morality, blood-stained earth, perished brotherhood by the ingress of terrorism.Let all our good senses prevail upon to do away with the terrorism in the world.
i guess we all should wake up for this important issue and really it is very expensive piece special with these words and exprissions thanks for sharing laila
The weeping Moon weeps the tears of the somebodies, nobody knows a voice for the voiceless thanks.
A vivid imagery of what this world has become.Excellent write.
I really liked your poem it was amazing... It makes me wish I could write poems like that... I hope to read more of your poems.
pretty good , i like it. sharp
Oh, and yes, yours is a very moving poem; takes a great understanding and empathy for that. Better if we could vote for someone like you.
Swami Sachidananda once, in Detroit, Michigan, stated that one of the best solutions would be to put all the leaders on a desert island and let them fight it out - even himself, he said, as he was assuming the role of a yogi leader. I think he meant by that that we should revere no one who requires us to do what we do not see as right, yet all our civilizations are built on the acceptance of the need for leaders. It seems we are simply too backward of a race to do things any other way. A damned shame! I've never been able to be proud of 'civilization.' Perhaps because nothing or no other way can be found to build a civilization on...... than profit.
this poem is so shocking, especially what each the event happened, nice
good one..... nice thoughts .....