The Weeping Moon

Witnessing the blood baths, the massacre
Of God’s people, children’s bodies everywhere,
And octogenarians expire slowly and quietly in horror.
The undistorted and the vivid images of terror,

by Hebert Logerie Click to read full poem

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A very well -penned and well -thought of poem, A noble concern with the aches of the world and an open appeal to all humans to wake up and see what's wrong in them that made the moon and all nature weep for their decaying state.
A very nice poem. You have penned well. Reflects on present world today. Enjoyed reading it.
very vivid but also realistic well done
A very heavey but very realistic poem. Congratulations for being able to Excellently give the real description of a war, the battle that mankind is in. a 10-point vote for your poem, my friend! Please take time to read my poem, vote and feel free to comment, critize. From you, I know, I will grow as a poet.
WOW.... this is great work, , , , i actually can say i enjoyed reading this poem...
Very nice piece of work. You are an excellent writer. Keep up the hard work and detication. I enjoy your caliber of creativity.
A very nice piece of work; and, thanks for sharing it with us Edward Kofi Louis
The poetic reporting; Reality in shape of 'horror'… /10
You have once again drawn upon your poetic style which you have a unique expression which has drawn me into every line I read, such passion must not be keep inside their is more which i feel that you hold inside. The Weeping Moon I feel it's struggle to understand why? we as humans allow such misery upon others........
its a nice poem relaxing and claim i liked the poem
There is a lot of passion underneath these words.... let it all out, don't restrain yourself..
A passionate write of man''s inhumanity to man! I am drawn deeper and deeper by the poem''s every line, feel the shame, the guilt, the if I were part of the horror of this war - Frightening, a powerful write as it is life today. 'Yes. the moon can only helplessly weep'
lovely written poem...strong diction and great flow of words..........10+++
greatly written poem very wonderful I loved it......... thanks alot +10
Worms, flies, rats over human dead body. Are we going to be buried if we die or not? ? ? Terrible. Nice work.
What an unsettling yet valid picture you have produced in this piece. The reader cannot stop just because they wish to read something of pleasure. In the end you know its the truth. Thank you. Teresa
NICE! ! ! You're great in expressing the weeping moon!
This is why I shiver in my bed at night. What a state humanity is in and if the moon weeps so do the stars, tears of fire. Ruth
it's so sad that these things do and have taken place... we seem to think that we are the only ones who witness these things.. i never thought that the moon witnesses more then we do though.. it sees everything.. i really enjoyed reading this. nicely written! !
Yes, pure horror. The scarey part is that this is full of truth and reality. So much pain and hurt, poor tortured beings. The moon is not the only one who weeps. DC