The Well

Poem By Andy Greenwald

When I look into your eyes,
I see a sea of hopeless dreams.
But you wish to fulfill them just the same.
As time slowly passes, those dreams,
Those hopes seem to fade into a well,
Where all the dreams fell,
And they drown in the murky water.

When I look into your eyes,
I see a goal inside your soul.
A wish to one day be granted.
As time slips from under you
That goal stumbled into a well,
Where all the dreams fell,
And it too drowns in the clouded water.

When I look into your eyes,
I see a pain inside your veins.
As you sadly pout, you start to get angry.
As time trudges quickly through your grasp
That pain was placed into a well,
Where all the dreams fell,
And now you are left with nothing.

As you reach for the well,
Where again the dreams fell,
You grow cold, too cold for me.
Time goes on too fast for you to love,
And now I too jump in a well
Where now everything has fell,
And now you are truly alone.

I told this to my recently torn family,
My kids listen to my true story,
All curious to what happened to their mom.
As time progressed, they asked more.
I said we did not get in the well,
Where the dreams there dwelled,
But rather she got out of the well.

When I look at her picture,
I see a sea of all her dreams
And she left us all, it seems.
Time, for her, was short to be with us.
But when she got out of the well,
Where me and her goal
Her dreams and her pain dwell,
She was in a better place.

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