Let Me Talk To The Wind

Let me talk to the wind,
We have to tell the complaint,
That we nourished against her,
Often it knocks at the doors,
And disturbs our sleep,
Sometimes brings along from abroad
The news of arrival of the dear one,
But he comes not. It blows out
All quivering lamps of the lashes,
Sometimes awakens melody in the lute,
It mixes itself in the beats of heart-beats,
Sometimes it fells aged dried leaves,
It gives the birds a ride
By making them homeless.

Let me talk to the wind,
Look how it descends,
Pushes boats on the chest of the sea,
It blows from all directions around,
And with a caressing touch
Shapes unsullied faces on the coastal sand,
Then it flattens them all and how it trains
The wingless clouds to soar,
Then squeezing the drops
Out of them garnishes the Earth,
How it smiles and hums
Diving into the chain of breath,
How it blows swishing
And then becomes motionless;
To make out these secrets,
Let me talk to the wind.

By Fakhira Batool Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

by Muhammad Shanazar

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Aisha, the wheel effect was amazing... shifting speed through our different life stages. Keep that poetry wheel spinning! ! Brian