The Wheel Of Life

The wheel of life,
It starts to tunr,
For simple needs,
We do yearn.

Love, shelter, food,
Without which we cry,
Our cries are heard,
We do not need to try.

The wheel turns faster now,
Of learning right from wrong,
Of utter exploration,
Each day a bright new song.

It does not slow down,
Faster she goes,
When will the ride stop?
No one really knows.

And then as we get old,
Finally she slows,
The body starts to tire,
As life comes to a close.

This is what we wish,
It slows down gradually,
Abruptly does not stop,
Though it will eventually.

As she grinds to a halt,
We yearn for what has passed,
We regret the busy times,
We wish we'd made it last...

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (1)

Aisha, the wheel effect was amazing... shifting speed through our different life stages. Keep that poetry wheel spinning! ! Brian