The Wheel Turns

Pain upon the broken glass,
This pain we can’t belie,
For Oft in the land of seven seas,
Come waves, sweep sorrows set high
To hear them weep for the distant lass,
Sweet dreams they crash and die,
For Oft in the land of seven seas,
Come waves, let live but dry

A walk among the land behead,
A walk beneath the sands we tread,
Come look upon thy shallow grave,
Instead of the world we color deprave.
A look of wonder, joyous grace,
A look with laughter, sweet embrace,
A heart forever lost, interred,
Fell swoon in a Coup de Grace she churned.

A love sublime it wilt untrue,
A love divine my sorrows construe,
Her stony heart ward shadow entail,
To move at all, its wick doesn’t fail,
For candle it burns with a lonely flame,
Among the fair set heavenly dames.

Sunrise, sunset, upon this earth,
Winds rise and fall, to drown the mirth,
The wheel, it turns, and turns and brings,
A new lit day with flowers and springs.
Now alls to say, we fade away,
This gift we take, and set away,
For Oft in this land, where seven seas,
Come waves, they roar alive

by Ashish Choudhury

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