The Whisper Of The Wind

The leaves they dance, the leaves they fall. The whisper of the wind.
One more season, one more year. The change, it now begins.
For many years, your presence felt. The trees prepare to sleep
As I wonder at your work, your voice begins to speak

The trees, they bow as you approach. Your power now displayed
I close my eyes and drift away, my thoughts of life replayed
Breaking through the whistling wind another I do hear
Who is this you’ve brought with you? Whose memories I hold dear

It’s me my love, I’ve heard your thoughts….I sought and found a way
Please tell me where you’ve been my love. What do you have to say?
My time did come…I had to leave…so much you do not know
What power brings you now to me…on winds that billows blow?

I only came to say hello… to see you one more time
Times did change…I did move on…another love is mine.
Listen to the words I say …and cherish memories all
I’ve thought of you so many times…your memories often call

The wind it blows I must now leave...But hear these words my love
Enjoy your life…Do all you can…Until your journeys done
Your voice will speak to her one day when winter winds do blow
The voice within the whispered wind…only she will know

One day the leaves will dance and fall and she will think of you
Your life will be remembered then…the voice will then be you.
The leaves they dance, the leaves they fall the whisper of the wind.
One more season…one more year…..the change…it now begins

by Jon Arno

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that is amazing......