The Whispering In My Head

Poem By Warren Augustus de Guzman

Sifting through the recesses of my absent minded cranium
I find curious philosophies on how my world should work.
I blunder through them in an effort to quell the emporium
But the ideas shoot past me in patterns forming a smirk.
I find one worthwhile piece of useless information
That was so painstakingly obvious it was embarrassing.
Happiness is a state of mind, chosen only by simpletons,
Who realize life’s complications are too entangling.
And so I create a small creed, a motto, a battle cry,
What makes me happy is what I have right now.
Or at least will lead to where true happiness lies,
It is simply a matter of surpassing the pain that is now.
And although I already know that this creed will be forgotten,
In a matter of minutes or moments or even seconds,
I will try to adhere to it for fear of being down trodden,
By the pains that is now that threaten to bludgeon.

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