The White Devil In A Black Snow

the lorry hauled us away
the boats ferried us far and wide
like the children of the leper
being driven beyond the echoes of the world

we were driven down for a boot-licking
it was the time they engaged us in the work
our lives were not spared
for our colours are not like theirs

when their eyes curry towards us
they shout 'uh uh' for monkey
and the demoralisation springs
up, until the kill is made

we read from backwards for we
are the blacks with bumpy bodies
and they are the whites with hairy hands
but then who sows the seed?

So when I swept through the parks in Spain
they mumbled and wobbles at me
behind, i heard 'uh uh uh'
and that is for MONKEY

by Onyeka Nwelue

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A wonderfully poignant poem; such emotional tension.