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Summer Vacation
(10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

Summer Vacation

Poem By Akhtar Jawad

How happy were my sweet and lovely grandchildren!
Ahead of them was a vacation planned to be passed
I remember the day when their exams were over,
Joys of class rooms were completely outclassed,

The joy of passing the vacation with father,
Working abroad for the future of children,
Helpless before the devil of unemployment,
Hardships of men and sacrifices of women!

Having passed the vacation that was full of fun,
Having performed pilgrimage in the holy land,
Happier they looked at the Karachi Airport,
Being hugged and kissed by the parents grand,

I am listening to the sounds of grandchildren,
Getting ready to proceed to schools once more,
I saw the kids making preparations yesterday,
Vacation they enjoyed but school they adore!

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Comments (6)

Wow an interesting write on children vacation as well the school they adore. Childhood is the pleasant time where children are enjoying both school as well as vacation. Loved reading it.
Vacation is the most exciting time for children....! Spending their time with grand parents must be all the more enjoyable..... Once the vacation is over, going back to their parents and their school is again another thrill for them! However childhood is the best time of one's life....! A very realistic picture of the early phase of life! We can only think of those days with a sense of nostalgia!
An excellent portrayal of how your beautiful Grandchildren enjoyed a wonderful vacation from school with their Daddy, and also how they are now preparing for their return to school which they are looking forward to very much. They will be so happy to tell the other children and their Teacher about their wonderful holiday as it was a very special adventure for them. The verses of the poem are like snapshots of the children and each is beautifully crafted and depicted. A very elegant write which I so enjoyed reading. Lovely crafting! Thank you for sharing dear poet Akhtar...
You have not only captured the joyful spirit of the moment but also dealt with the situation that the youth has to cope with when they are through with their education. Thank you, Sir. Joys of class rooms were completely outclassed, Vacation they enjoyed but school they adore!
I remember those days as a parent. My youngest couldn't wait to go back (She is now a junior at DePaul University and has been on every Dean's list) The others, just like their dad, were always sad that summer vacation was over.