The White Knight And The Queen

A white rose is full in bloom
And I play the part of a white knight
One moment in time for the two of us
It soon will come into focus

And you walk down the stairs
You, looking every part of a princess or queen
And I'm still a noble white knight

We're away from all the many others
In your secret place
The place you've kept away from everybody
The place you've waited to show for so long to me

Bluebirds sit in the trees
As we fall into each other
We begin to dance
And we dance for our cause of hope and love

Fountains glisten water
Flowers grow all around
And everything for years that I was looking for
That I was searching for
Finally it's been found
This is heaven
All around us
And you're everything I've been looking for

The moon's in pure light
On this wonderful night
I'm still a noble white knight
But you're now a queen

by Justin Gildow

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