No Isolation

Oh it was burning desire
I have no words to admire
It just entered mind
Made me drawn and almost blinded

You were near
With almost no fear
Inviting in fold
You were creating beautiful world

You spoke as if were undressed
There was uneasy calm and shine on face
I was sinking with your magical charm
I hurriedly gripped with fear of no harm

What a feel of heavenly access!
The happiness could be found with trace
You are almost eye to eye
I need not have forced try

Fight was all for us
Delight was all there to share with trust
I begged nothing but surrender
You willingly came under

Rest is capture of kingdom
The happiness is experienced seldom
You are giving away virginity kingdom
I have full right over you with freedom

I feel no lust but fulfillment
It is heavenly commitment
It was never a mad rush in anticipation
It was bond with perfect relation

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (4)

A whole past lost to the Conquistadors, so tragically expressed by a truly great poet
A twig, a small remnant of a much greater thing. A remnant with its own stories, own burdens, own memories. What remnants do we leave in the trail of our living, and what will their story be to those who listen?
I have felt that many times. An excellent work.
The roots i had left behind. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.