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The White Rose

the rose is a thing of beauty
never changes with time
only fades by the sun
i search for my love
with every dying breath
I stand high on the mountain
looking in to a big vast meadow
searching for my one true love
to find rose is a great victory
the rose is unbreaking to the wind
bends from every breath of air
she stands tall through it all
she stands in waiting
waiting for my voice in the wind to call
she is truly alone
one of a kind a pure white rose
my true love my soulmate
sitting on the bluff a true red rose
we shall marry soon I 'll ask the bees
and the birds to carry my pollen
we can make our children from our love
red and the white shall unite as one
just for the night or love will soar
through the wind of love
she will whisper I love you forever and always
I will say always and forever i'll love you
my single white rose

by Fredrick McDonald

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