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The Whole Picture
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The Whole Picture

It's not just the canvas,
It's the colours on the pallet,
It is not just the story,
But the way that you tell it.

It's not how you cook it,
It is the ingredients,
It is not just the dog,
But his loyal obedience.

It is not just the place,
But the history it holds,
Origami is not just paper,
It's the way that it folds.

It's not just the texture,
It's the cut of the suit,
It's not just the robber,
But his ill gotten loot.

It's not the appearance,
It's the way that they act,
It is what's inside,
not the way it is packed.

It's the book, not the cover,
Intentions, not actions,
Why they do, not what they do,
Moer than basic attractions.

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