The Why Of It

The who where when and what.
Seems to have not been a struggle.
With them not to give up.
The process has been,
One determined.
From a beginning not to end.
Slowly as if on purpose.
The 'Why' of it will sit ignored.
And there is something about this,
That does not quite fit.
To puzzle the minds,
Of those conscious and suspicious.
Finding this more intriguing.
As if,
There is reasons why,
Secrets are hidden and kept to hide.

A few knew the who.
And what they did to do.
Where done when.
To have their credibility,
And integrities ruined.
Leaving them affected also suspected.
They were the ones who had suggested,
Leaders they picked...
Were wicked crooks and despicable thieves.
No one would believe,
Smiles on their faces...
Hid minds of demons choosing them,
As fools they knew easily deceived.

And now today.
As betrayals raise eyebrows high.
The 'Why' of it,
Straps tight on taxpayers backs.
Paying for corrupted acts.
In prolonged investigations.
Releasing to tease,
Shocking unknown facts.
Still to leave the people,
Drained from tension.
Without a cent to receive that benefits.
A quality of life,
Slipping further down the list.
Kept to feel,
Hoodwinked trapped and tricked.
By those who prioritize,
The continuation of this.

And the 'Why' of it.
Is wished to be answered.
But the doing of it,
Remains mysteriously kept secret.
If who did what where and what,
Revealed to be known done to do.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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