The Why's Of Life

Poem By Daniel ojogba Joseph

Life is of hard and easy times,
To this fact capes and vales will attest.
Life is full of love and hate,
To this fact the heart will attest.
Life is full of trusts and betrayals,
To this fact experiences will attest.
Life is full of ups and downs
But we can choose to stay aloft and high
Above life's threats and tests.

Comments about The Why's Of Life

i did not mean to send my incomplete comment. here is more. this does not strike me as poetry so much as a sermon. also, i don't know the 'rule' of making the word why's. normally i would just add an s to make most nouns plural [such as 'toys' or 'birds'; why should whys be different? ? ], but i think i would use the apostrophe also, as you did. anyway, WE get some poetic license they say, so we can do it our way! ! i'm not familiar with the use of 'capes' and 'vales' here. no matter. thanks for sharing. BUT, thinking more about the title: why Why's? wouldn't Ways be more accurate? you do not seem to answer questions, but just state 'facts'. i still like it. bri :)
how, for goodness sakes, does one stay ABOVE?

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