The Wicked Mind 1

Oh wicked mind you have been pushing
i have fall en for your thoughts without reasoning
i was meant to be typing
but all i could do was to start thinking
you have brought me calamity
have someone heard my story
i leave in a world of fantasy
A world without reality
A place of my imagination
but it helps in the actualization
for the purpose of it's creation.
The world tells me am a zero
in my fantasy am the hero
that everyone wants to be close to
and everybody wants to know
here am apreciated and cared for
i know its bad
or iam not running insane
at this rate
i might just book a date
with the psychathrist
that is if am not bundled there with hancuffs on my wrist.

Oh mind why
you were meant to be gentle and kind
you were meant to be true
how could you be so cruel
and to think i never knew
oh why why
you were meant to be my light
showing me right
but instead you made me
caused pain to those that loved me
taking me slowly into a pit
with your fantasies
without me realizing it.

Oh mind why so cruel
how could you believe what you see
in the movies
you made me cook up stories
without thinking of the consequencies.
Oh my pure imagination
Oh my fantasy
why have you decided to cause pain to my self and others
even as far as the sisters.

My fantasy and imagination were all nonsense
and now am faced with so many problems
A wicked mind
and i foolishly agreed to your command
but now i say no more fantasy
because this is the end
of those foolish dreams
i have decided to bounce back to reality.

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