MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

The Wide Door

“I saw a door so tall and wide
It wasn’t locked I walked inside
I heard a scream “Please set me free”
Oh Lord my God don’t turn the key

The path’s well worn that leads in here
Many have trod this way in fear
The ground is nought but sinking sand
Oh Lord my God I understand

Now through the door and deep inside
I see the fruit I bore in pride
This wayward child repents of all
Oh Lord my God please heed my call

My sinful life devoid of light
I lay before my Lord in sight
To You I pray on bended knee
Oh Lord my God don’t turn the key

About Your wrath I gave no thought
No way on earth would I be caught
But now it’s plain Your eyes can see
Oh Lord my God don’t turn the key

Your word my God can open eyes
Your patient teaching makes us wise
I see how foolish were my ways
Forgive me Lord end not my days

I call to you with all my might
I see the truth Your precious Light
Don’t close the door I’ll turn about
Oh Lord my God please let me out

I’ve left behind the world of sin
I pray my God You’ll let me in
The things I did I do no more
Oh Lord my God lay wide Your door”

by Michael P. Johnson

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