The Widening Compass Of Pain

Poem By Patrick White


At war with the world and yourself
like two halves of the same unbroken wishbone,
teach the children how to approach their crossroads
in peace, and speak of the sword of the slayer
like a sacred syllable in the mouth of the slain
that cut through your umbilical cord
like a link in a golden chain that held you back
from the liberation of a lyrically unbounded life.

Mollify the poison of the thorn with the cure
in the medicine bag of the other fang.
When the wedding gown of the Japanese plum tree
is ruined in the rain and the dust like blossoms
blowing down the road like the happiness you hoped for,
be the nude in the doorway of a darker bliss
that roots its revelation like lightning in the soil
of your flesh, like deltas of insight greeting
an ocean of awareness at the end of a long pilgrimage,
knowing the return journey is more radiant than the first.

Comments about The Widening Compass Of Pain

reveals reality awakens apirit really is lovely
reveals reality awakens apirit really is lovely
reveals reality awakens apirit really is lovely
Chose your battles. The parent child ones are ones we should never ignore as they are attatched unconditionally. great poem thanks
'The Widening Compass Of Pain' teaches mystic lessons sudden revelations, insights into shifting shades of reality, with the cruel cold certainty of blade point piercing third eye. Another superb poem read with appreciation.

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