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The Wild Geese
DSS (1866-1918 / Ireland)

The Wild Geese

'Wild geese are very numerous in this district, especially around Lough Esknahinny.' —Cork Examiner, December , .

I walked by Esknahinny at the waning of the moon,
As star by star came peeping to some celestial tune.
The little waves crept to me to call and fall away,
O lone I was and lonesome to meet the breaking day.
I heard wind voices whisper and leaned to hear them speak;
I saw the moving shadows—and feared to turn and seek.
The slender reeds were shaking between me and the light,
And loneliness fell from me with the treasure of the night.

I heard dark wings flap by me towards the rising sun,
Dear birds so swift in passing I blessed them every one.
The wild geese had come back again, they passed me in the night.
Between me and the waning moon I watched them in their flight.
I had walked the paths of Kerry and dared not say the word;
I had trod the roads of Leinster all broken by the sword.
O Ulster, Munster, Connacht, He gave Who can restore,
The Wild Geese, the Wild Geese, they have come home once more.

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