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The Will Of The Weaver
LK ( / New Jersey)

The Will Of The Weaver

Poem By Lazarus Knix

I once saw a spider perched on my wall
That didn’t seem quite like a spider at all.
He had six legs, and the usual eyes,
But what filled me with my share of surprise,
Is that the web which he was sitting in,
Held a giant cocoon, rapped end to end,
In spiders silk, but for some cause unknown,
The spider had left that cocoon alone.

Many days passed, yet the cocoon remained,
I turned to the spider, and exclaimed:
'Why don't you eat what you have captured'!
'Isn’t that what all spiders are after? '
Suddenly, the cocoon began to twitch,
And a blue butterfly emerged from it.
The spider shot a glare at me and said-
I’d rather see beauty than eat it instead

You should not judge the weavers intent,
By what you know of his brethren.

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