AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

The Wind

It roared,
it shrieked,
it ebbed,
it peaked,
till the heavens cowered,
the trees deflowered.
the houses deroofed,
the children were spoofed,
and after, an endless interval,
the mighty wind rested,
the waves uncrested,
the leaves became still,
the birds beagan to trill,
the storm was over,
the sun was a lover,
bidding farewell before time,
to the evening in prime,
the sky duly darkened,
the night owl harkened,
the long shadows peeped,
and mother night creeped,
softly blanketing the earth,
in a loving warm caress,
to enfold and to soothen,
to bless and refresh

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Comments (2)

I like your style of writing. Its too the point, no extra baggage! also the rhyme was perfect, and loved the ending! Preets
That was well written..... Arti, good work. I like the rhythm that u maintain.....9/10