The Wind

When a wind from the east
Blows soft, a world gets revealed
As it slowly lifts the veil of mist
That has dark night concealed

When a wind from west
Blows cold and opens a bud
From behind hills light emerges
Falls on earth in a massive flood

When a wind from south
Blows soft and twists frond
A shiver runs down the spine
At thickening of whistling sound

When a wind from south
Blows soft and rattles the door
It wakes up the dreaming soul
To get engaged in its daily chore

Copy right @ Tiku 25/06/2015

by Tiku akp

Comments (2)

Wind blows from different directions evoking different feelings. The words flow smoothly and nicely.
Very nicely envisioned. Enjoyed. Thannks for sharing.