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The Wind And The Rocks (Desert Rats' Daily News)
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

The Wind And The Rocks (Desert Rats' Daily News)

Two large rocks sat in the hot desert sand.
A newspaper flew from a nearby newsstand,
And the wind carried it to two old stones.
'Look at the headlines, ' the wind sighed and moaned.

Grumpily, one rock snapped, 'Yes, we know.'
A man SAT on me, and read, 'till his wife said, 'Let's go.
So, Al Queda's, Ayman al-Zawahri
Trashed President Obama. So, we'll see.'

The second rock said, 'Well, I think he's right! '
The wind howled, 'But they say he's controlled by whites! '
The stone cried, 'Why don't you go fly a kite! '
'Oh, pay him no mind. He just likes to grouse.

How can he be house Negro, when he's the whole house?
The thing is, he's so unlike Al Queda.
Look at his record. Look at the data.
He doesn't use torture; he respects all rights,

He doesn't care if you're black or white!
He wouldn't know how to cut off a man's head.
He'd rather REASON with him instead!
A Cristian who loves his family, it's said.

o Can you trust a man like that? ? ?

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