The Wind Of Change

is once more tapping at doors, rattling windows,
opening eyes, ears, minds to the possibility
of an idea gathering momentum
to create a monumental miracle.

But is it more than in a flight of fancy, we hear a roll of gigantic
drums awakening us to felt the universal pulse giving birth
to a renewal of tenderness - arousing us to view hate and revenge
as a false tracery to be chased time out of time - beyond
mind's sight - until our tread mill memory is stilled?

Even the birds seem to be chirping, feel
the warm glow spreading through the people of the land.

But the warm gentle breeze changed to a cold strong wind,
denuding trees, while dry leaves seemed to sigh - if only -
And in the crisp morning light, with a hunger for peace,
myriads of people, all races and creeds, joined in the refrain - if only -
as a strong wind picks up the voices, carrying them
over land and sea; and as it softens to a gentle breeze
people from many lands sing - in harmony
we celebrate our diversity.

by Suzie Cooper

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Excellent poem, beautifully worded and structured. Powerful and mesmerizing. Great work Suzie, keep it up.