The Wind Of Love

Have you felt the wind of love
Soft brush against your ear?
Was it sent from heaven above
To whisper loud and clear? Did it cause your cheeks to blush
And your heart to miss a beat?
Did you to your bosom crush?
And did you feel the heat? Did you suffer hunger pains?
Or give a sigh, inspire a prayer?
Or did you feel your heart in chains,
Captured by a maiden fair! Did your eyes reveal the feeling
Of your inner self so deep inside?
Was your gaze always appealing
Showing in your heart love does reside? Can distance from your love divide
Or enchantment fill your breast?
What other joys can love devise
Besides unfading charms possessed? Thus when the wind of love doth blow,
Enjoy its soft caressing;
Because in time its strength will grow,
And give to life its blessing.

by Bryan Colman Bird

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