JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Wind Of The Woods

The power of substance to blow the air motion,
A glance of the wind follow by scent of charm that goes
To the essence of breeze control by the force of the wind.
A great motion breathing the air to move to the fullest
State created by any mysterious current event of motion
Move in a distance, to blow as a horn of the wind.

The wind passing by the trees, swiftly touch the leaves
That has a charming essence of scent blow by the air,
So deep, so soft, so arousing, so beautiful, so clean.
It has a magic of something beneath the senses of one
Extra individual giving attention of the significant
Invisible wind blow in the distance space of the
Entire part of the universe.

The mixture of gasses surround the earth discover the total
Aviation of the wind, the magic of the air, the changes
They produce, appears in the illusion of something could happen
By means of event given at the moment life.
The special participation of an individual, the beauty of
Feeling carry by air pass by the heart to deal in the emotion,
Feel the distance.

A romance of love passing by the wind given by God to
Every one of us.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
3 January 2004

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