MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

The Wind Reveals

As the years cascade behind me
As slumber tide draws nigh
The Wind reveals Golgotha tree
And He who chose to die

I see The Truth, life’s Guide and Light
Life’s one and constant stream
Life’s answers penned in black and white
Beyond man’s wildest dream

The living God as flesh and bone
Revealed as plain as day
Who’s love will melt the heart of stone
Of those who’ll walk His Way

The Way to see, The Way of Grace
Of facts, of love unique
The only Way to see the face
A sin plagued soul need seek

Now old and grey, profoundly blessed
In spirit safe and sound
I’m heading to eternal rest
So few before have found

For who’ll trouble themselves to learn
Who’ll bend their knees and cry?
For that which none can ever earn
Nor treasure, ever buy

Death was never The Father will
Nor is it Heaven’s plan
But Satan’s out to cheat and kill
And steal God’s gifts to man

The choice is mine the choice is yours
The Way to life is free
We need but open Christ our doors
And from the devil flee……….

by Michael P. Johnson

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