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The Wind Turbines Of Macarthur

They do spin quite loud on every windy night and day
And they can be heard from some distance away
The wind turbines of Macarthur at times loud in the extreme
To live near them must be hard on the ear drums or so it would seem

I was talking to a farmer who lives near them of the noise he did complain
He said they have left him dizzy in the brain
And that he and his wife and their young daughter never sleep well at night
And of the noise pollution an end not in sight

To many people wind turbines are something that is great
Since cheaper electricity they do create
But with their views on such the Macarthur farmer does not agree
They do not have to live near them he said to me

These huge electricity generators on the higher ground
On windy days and nights can be heard for miles around
With the people who live near them i can only empathize
As spinning in unison they create loud noise

On the hills of Macarthur they can be seen for miles about
And that they create cheaper electricity for the user does go without doubt
But a farmer who lives near them of them does not have any kind things to say
He said from our home i wish they were further away.

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