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The Windbag Well To Do

He says I have only myself for to thank
If I'm one who laughs all the way to the bank
That's literally speaking I'm a billionaire
One of the highest achievers my type are so rare.

So boastful and into self promotion in quite a big way
But good on him is all of him that I can say
From humble beginnings he has done quite well
Though of his success the whole World he does tell.

One can say of him he is out to impress
He is only too willing to tell of his success
To those willing to listen he likes to waffle on
Of how the mantle of greatness with pride he does don.

He is not a billionaire though quite well to do
Though he is one who has a million or two
But he is one of those who likes to have a brag
Suppose he cannot help it if he is a windbag.

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