The Winding, Narrow Road

Poem By Shirley Hall Milkoff

Dreaming brings back memories of yesterday when
we walked day after day down a winding,
narrow road. Love was everywhere as we greeted
each new day together, anticipating our
journey through tomorrow.
A storm came on a new day and our time together
passed in a whisper.
Dreaming about the simple pleasures we enjoyed
yesterday, continues to bring me happiness today.
I'm not alone when I travel life's winding,
narrow road for I know your footsteps well.
No matter where I look I see your face and the
sound of your voice echoes in the wind.
Little has changed for you and me in the
valley of my dreams. We still stroll in
sunshine or showers along
the winding, narrow road, and pause
beside a quiet stream sheltered by trees
among the rolling hills.

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The Picture

I picked up a book at a garage sale.
Its cover was worn and pages bent.
The book opened to a page with a picture of Christ.
It was the only page in perfect condition.