The Window

i stared out the window so many days looking at you
looking out the window wondering when i would meet you

you were always there
but youre on the other side

i want you but i have to wait till the pain subsides
i want to touch you but behind the window i wait

one day ill be there waiting for you on the other side
i want to love you but im held back

i couldnt find you so i drew a map on my wrist
i cut deep enough just to get to you

i drew out the blood and cleaned outt a place for you
i sat in regret because you never came for me

so many days i waited in pain for you
i asked god if you were right for me, but i prayed so much ive got rugburns on both knees

i waited so long i gave up on faith,
but as of now i still sit and wait

by alisha gonzales

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