WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

The Window

Through the huge crystal of the window
Where it fuses as a sliding door in the balcony
The orange-red-yellow windy light of sun
Enters into the hall from where the beach is calm

He unbuttoned his chemise
“Put your shirt there” I say

Our bodies eclipse the tenuous light shining,
The curtain blow us the life we feel,
It flows as forming waves and drapes

I bring my face near to yours in a slow light move
You kiss my nose softly cold, we’re in cold.

The waiting never ends, we can feel
The silk on both of us, the tenderness of skin
The refreshing cold air with moon fragrance
I’m totally and only yours.

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Jeez, Wullien, your description is very neat, you made me watch that love scene... Only popcorn was missing! lol. Hugs and kisses, Sofia