The Window

As i sit in a imaginative mood,
ignoring everyone, which is considered rude,
but i dont care,
im locked in the pink thing under my brain,
airplanes and rocketships,
takibg outer space trips,
pluto, mercury, and back to mars, im free from my bars,
no chains to hold my back,
paper just waiting for my pen's attack,
my jetpack takes me when i want to go,
where i land, even i dont know,
i hoping this adventure never ends,
and that i recieve all the happiness it sends,
beyond a normal feeling,
right through Earth's celing
no experience can compare to this,
so wonderful and full of bliss,
even my friends, who i care about,
could not show this out,
but i havent moved a muscle,
nor has a hair on my hair on my body shuffled,
but what i do know,
is that even though im hers, my mind is out the window...

by Kaleb Gonzalez

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