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The Window Won'T Always Be Foggy

There is a girl that weeps
She detests her unbalanced life
She's confused of who to keep
She ponders at who is right
Is there a man out there
That truly has passion for who she is?
Is there a man that dares
To let her heart inside of his?
The girl gazes out the bleary window
Watching the tears descent from the sky
The girl is complicated she knows
But there has to be one that doesn't wave her goodbye
She opens her eyes and gains some durability
She won't let her impractical spirit
corrupt her angelic heart's tranquilty
She will keep that light that is shining lit
God's intentions are genuine
And he knows precisely what the girl needs
She will try to hold off until he can combine
Two hearts so different and alike, can finally take their lead.

by Rachael LoudFingers

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Comments (3)

very nice title though its long and the poem is great too.and i love the choice of words ''detests''''pond''etc
Lovely poemo Rachael with a cathcy meaningful title.. All the best and more Roger
sounds like a country and western song - but good job vocabulary needs to be improved here and there she opens her eyes - stability returns she longs for one who doesn't wave goodbye