I Wish He Knew

He makes me trimble,
He makes me weak.
He sweeps me right off my feet.
He dosn't even know,
I dont let my feelings show.
I wish he knew
That my feelings were true.
Sometimes he don't even call....
When im with him i fall.
I dont know how he feels,
Am I confused or is this real?
Everytime im with him i look into his eyes
That very second I'm hyptonized.
I keep telling myself hes my bestfriend
over and over again.
I can't keep my self from affection
I'm scared to tell him because I'm afraid of rejection.
He still don't know.
Does he even care?
I wish he knew.
Does he feel the same?
I feel so dumb to think i love him but its true...
Oh yeah, Dakota this is to you
(this is a true story....Its about how i fell in love with my bestfriend and i dont know how he feels i wish i knew i mean me and him are always together and if not were on the phone with each other...I love him but idk how he feels.)

by Melissa Ramey

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beautiful sad poem........capturing the broken kashmir well.....