S ( / NYC)

The Winds Embrace

goodnight she cries to the wind
the only one there to listen
goodnight and good bye
she shakes and cries
as it all starts to turn black
all she wants is someone to hold her
someone to wipe away her tears
but no one is there
she cries out
Just then
the wind rises
it slowly turns warmer
it raps around her
drying her tears
she stands there in the winds embrace
the only comfort she has ever known
and yet once again she is alone
standing there
watching the world around her fade
she whispers
good night
and good bye

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This is very creative.
whack.. i went thru a bit of an odd lonely time once *and many* but yeah, i used to put my headphones on n go outside n listen to and sing sarah mclachlan songs.. and then id end up crying..go back inside make a beans on toast sanga with sum 2 minute noodles and olives *lol* and beans *lol*.. and feel better, go up to my room, cry a bit more n then finally go to sleep with a sore nose n eyes from crying.. anywayz yeah i guess i used to sing to the sno, and the yard and the trees.. outside, and the cold freezing wind and drizzle..