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The Winner Is The One

We all cannot be successful life does not work in this way
There are winners and losers in the World every day
Though for to be winners everyone does choose
For one to win big many does have to lose
The winners are those everyone knows by name
And to them goes most of the glory and fame
Yet for the few winners so many lose out
That life is not always fair there can be little doubt
It would be a far nicer World to live in
If there were not any losers and everybody did win
But for winners there has to be losers which seems sad to say
This is how it always has been and how it will stay
The reason to be a winner so many do desire
Is that the winner is the one everyone does admire.

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Jealousy and admiration are slightly different; a winner has to deal with both an know the difference. Winning is important but there is so much to life that is not necessarily about that which can only happen sometimes. What is also important is our health and our capacity to appreciate what we do have and not to be in too much pain. But a very meaningful poem. Wellwrit