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The Winners That Count

Time that ages everyone is not on your side
And all that you have left in your life is pride
And pride as is said does come before a fall
And old age eventually comes to us all

Your biological clock on you ticking fast
And all you can do is talk of your past
And of your sporting achievements in your physical prime
Though this is going back many Seasons in time

You also like to talk of your teenage great grandson
And of recent big foot races that he has won
His victories makes you feel so very proud
In the local pub you sing his praises loud

With a few drinks in you talk of your wife
She used to be the great love of your life
Now you do quarrel with her every day
No love left between you though with her you do stay

To be an ex champion your claim to renown
You are no longer the pride of the town
Your past achievements are now out of date
Nowadays they have others for to celebrate

Time on your life ever keeps ticking on
In your mid eighties your best years long gone
The now is what matters as the wise one does say
And the winners that count are the winners today.

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You have great insights into how we tick.